Jane's Eulogy

Created by Peggy 11 years ago
For me the significance of today is not about my dad’s death but his life, as demonstrated in my brother’s wonderful eulogy. My dad was a loving husband; he was an amazing father, father–in-law, grandfather and friend. My mum and dad’s very special relationship has been the backbone of our family, the strength and support of our family is due to them. Personally, I feel that their marriage has been an example for me and how I wish to live my life. My dad was an incredible role model and he supported Ian, Suzanne and me in our diverse paths taking great interest as our lives developed and I know how proud he was of us. To quote my little sister “we are so fortunate: our parents have always been our biggest fans!” We all have our special recollections of dad - many will include his laughter, friendship and generosity. One of the most amazing things about my dad was his loyalty to his family, and also his loyalty to his long standing interests, such as tennis and Chelsea, alongside his ability to embrace new interests. Dad shared his enthusiasm and love for them with many of us. For us cooking was a shared passion, my skills and knowledge are, in no small part, down to him. I have precious memories through my life of shared family meals – wonderful occasions, knowing that dad got such enormous pleasure from our company and our enjoyment in his cooking. This is a sad occasion but please rejoice in my dad’s life and everything that he has given to us. We are lucky to have the memories we have. Dad’s legacy is in what he has given and continues to give us as a family and to all of you whose lives he touched. I will miss him, as I know you will, but I am so grateful to have had the dad I did.