Corrado's Firewalk - HE DID IT!

2009 November 20

Created by Peggy 10 years ago
[Editor: So far Corrado's Firewalk has raised £670 - congratulations Corrado and thank you to his sponsors - it was an amazing effort and Dad/Jim would have been so proud of you. He would have got a lot of mileage out of telling the story in the pub!] I HAVE DONE IT! Thank you to all of you who have sponsored me to raise money for the MND Association. I have done the firewalk and I have pictures, video, several witnesses and a certificate to prove it! In fact not only I did it but I did it three times! I felt that since you gave so generously I had to give a little more of myself to the cause, hence the repeated experience, as if the first time it was not hot enough! I managed not to burn my feet too much though, you must be pleased to hear. I have walked on burning coals and that was my challange. A small one when comapared to that the people with MND and their families have to endure. The challange was not so much walking on hot coals but muster the will to do something that every fiber of my sentient self was screaming "DON'T DO IT!". I have learned that the impossible is feasible and that the saying "no pain non gain" is true. The pain was little in comparison to the gain. What I gained is a little more confidence (as if I needed it... I can hear some of you thinking, you know?) but more importantly, with your help, I raised money for the MNDA that will go towards helping people with MND and their families at the saddest of times. And so... again a big thank you for your help, support to me and to the MND Asscociation. THANK YOU! PS Just because the challange is over it does not mean that you have to stop to give: quite the contrary! The needs of the people with MND do not stop here nor does the efforts of the MND Association, therefore, keep giving, whatever you can, as that it will help more people at the time they need it the most. On my part, I will try to give you another reason to put your hand to your wallet...