gvojenkinson 8 years ago

I am that seven foot Policeman whom Ian remembers at Chelsea. I was inside on Voluntary Duty,(got paid extra)My mind is a bit blank as to how I met Peggy and Jim. What I do know is Peggy started work at the same place as my wife Paulette,on the second of January 1956, my wife has a fantastic memory for dates, they were married just before us. I can understand their liking for the Lakes as I was born and bred there. After we were married we struck up a friendship and I remember going to Yardley Goblien in Northampton. Jim took me to see Northampton play Rugby, not being a supporter of Rugby I really enjoyed the day, especially having a drink with everyone including the players afterwards. For some reason we lost touch but recently whilst trawling through the internet and with the help of another friend of Paulette and Peggy we are now in touch again. We were both very shocked at finding the above journal and learning about our friend Jim. We have been in touch with Peggy and hopefully after Christmas we shall meet up once more. We loved and liked you Jim and we shall always remember you. I could not believe bumping into you at Chelsea, all those thousands of people being there milling around just before the kick off. I am sorry Ian if I upset you Lots of love to you all, Paulette and Gerry.